Put On the Spot

So… I haven’t been on here in… awhile… I’m sure I’m just talking to myself again. Oh well. I haven’t been on here because *glances around* *shuffles feet* Well, you see… the thing is… I have, er, taken a hiatus from writing. Writing anything at all, to tell the absolute truth.

i'm sorry

I KNOW, I’M A FAILURE!! *weeps dramatically on chaise longue*

Actually, no, that’s a decided untruth. You see, the thing is, I’ve simply been having some personal issues which I’ve needed to allow precedence in my life, and writing is not more important than these personal matters. So, all of my paper-and-pen business has been put in the back of the closet, you might say.

I’m planning on returning to my writing once I’ve figured myself and all of my many strange and certainly un-wonderful faults out and put them to rights. Also my depression has been really laying down on me bitterly, so I’m struggling beneath the weight of that. I really hate depression, you know? Just when you begin to feel that all’s right and rosy in the business of being alive, that grey cloud descends as if to say “ahh, but it isn’t! and that can be truly quite a downer.


I have no reason to feel this way, but I do. Anyhow, that’s my work in progress currently, myself. Buuuuuuut, I was tagged by Rebekah DeVall in her recent post, which you can find here. So I’ve decided to break some story WIPs out of the mothballs and skeletons in my closet and follow-through on the tag.

It’s the least I can do for her, since she’s done so much for me over the years. Besides, she worked so hard on her post that how can I not? Also this tag is fascinating, so, onward!

uncontrollably excited

This tag originally came from R.M. Archer.

Some rules:

  1. Open WIP to the 7th page.
  2. Scroll past the 7th line.
  3. Copy the next 7 paragraphs, and… paste them on your blog for the world to see!

Simple, really; but quite, quite fun, amirite?

Well then, I’ll get this out now:

…The older child stared back at her, and in his wide green eyes lay an expression that struck her young mind as one of fear. She softened her hold on his arm, instead petting it like her mother would do when she was afraid of something. Raine stepped closer to him, her footsteps muted in the lush burgundy carpets.
   “Laurie, what’s wrong?”
   “If we do not hurry, we will certainly be punished. You must come at once, Raine!” He made to grab at her hand, but she snatched it back, take a step in reverse.
   “Master Lawrence, cease this game at once; come here!”
   Laurie sighed in agitation, looking toward the way they must go, fidgeting. Raine frowned and shook her head, curls slipping over her shoulders, purple ribbons rustling softly. “My Papa would never punish me—you were entertaining me, like a good host. I will say so.” Raine nodded firmly, stamping her foot in decision. She moved around Laurie, who turned, watching her go in bewildered awe.
   For a lingering moment, he simply stared after her as she descended the stairs, but then, she turned around, her hand on the dark wood railing. “Aren’t you coming, Laurie?”
   Laurie swallowed, and nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes, I am coming!” He put his hand to the rail also, following after her with quick steps.

That above ^^^ is an excerpt from the backstory for a novel I’m writing which is set in mid-to-late Victorian and early Edwardian England and America. Quite a fun story. Righting the wrongs of a certain film I hate that stars a certain actor I rather ridiculously adore. I mean, it shares plotline bases, but it’s different in that the characters are stronger, not so stupidly 21st century in their mode of manner and there’s no dumb ghosts jump-scaring roughly every twenty-five minutes.

(shhhh, yes, this is the movie of which I spoke…)

As I’ve said elsewhere, I rather enjoy ghost stories where there are no ghosts. Horror stories where the horror is so realistic it makes your skin go cold with the realization that such a thing could happen to you or someone else at any moment, in any era. I’m not at the point where I really want to divulge any more about this novel… It’s plot is dark and twisted and I’m going to talk about it only after I’ve finished writing it several times over.

This is awkward. I don’t actually know who to tag….

[awkward silence]

Oh, look, how delightful, Rebekah DeVall helped me out with this one:

  1. C.S. Taylor
  2. Hope Ann
  3. Tammy Lash
  4. Savannah Jezowski
  5. Dana
  6. Angela R. Watts
  7. Mary K. Tilghman

And WHEW, I am DONE! I hope you enjoyed that snippet of that little story (which actually began its life as a fanfiction work for AnnMarie Pavese but has now morphed into an original work… though its base remains STRONGLY fanfiction-centric).

Perhaps one of these days I’ll get back into the swing of blogging and finish writing up some of these posts:

delete this later

Anyway, farewell! Enjoy the month of July!

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